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SwitzerlandCommodity trading in Switzerland has a long history. Our Swiss customers have known the trading business since the early 18th century. Since 1994 COSY has been used in Switzerland. Since then, commodities for every 10th cup of coffee drunk worldwide and for millions of cotton products have passed through the COSY program.

USAWho does not know this region – San Francisco and the Bay Area in the US State of California. 150 years ago, an italian settler started producing chocolate. Today, this company is a member of the best known Swiss premium chocolate manufacturer and procures its cocoa beans and related commodities through the assistance of the business solution COSY.

northern europeCommodity trading has a long tradition and future in the Hanseatic cities in the north of Europe. Their ports are gateways for all kinds of commodities destined for the European manufacturers. COSY has been implemented in this region by a number of commodity trading companies. The overwhelming logistical knowhow of the people of this region is reflected in the software.

in the countries of originThe commodity trading business starts in countries like Columbia, Australia or Brazil. Here crops are prefinanced and the first manufacturing steps are performed. COSY is used by our customers to take-up the goods, sample them and transport them to the nearby ports.


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